A Contest For All

Well if there’s something I am confident in saying, it would be that the Witch Queen launch and campaign delivered on all the hype that was built up for it. Those missions, associated cutscenes and stories blew me away and I’m sure it did for you too. One of the most epic story arcs we’ve gotten to experience in-game yet. And if you didn’t see the news, Andrew Hopps (Campaign Lead for Witch Queen) was also named Campaign Lead for Lightfall. Expectations are definitely high and I'm personally very excited for the direction we are seeing with Destiny.

So with a new DLC we were introduced to many new activities. Let’s recap what to expect in this week’s rotation and some of the newer stuff.

We are still working on possible ping changes for Discord for some of the LFGs. Story missions, Wellspring and PsiOps stuff will likely fall under Seasonal until further notice. Anything that has a Pinnacle drop attached to it (now including Vox Obscura kills, PsiOps champs killed and weekly campaign mission) can still use the corresponding ping. Any changes to pings or additions will be noted. 

This week Mayhem returns to the crucible playlist, and we get Arms Dealer Nightfall with bonus Vanguard ranks if you  want to get a jump on leveling at Zavala and maybe getting the new seasonal Shotgun that way. 

The big thing this week, you may have heard, is the new raid! Vow of the Disciple goes live at 10AM PT in game on Sat March 5th. We will have a specific channel that will be @Spoiler Channel Access marked which will be the only place to discuss the raid race and encounters,  as well as mechanics and strategies.  This channel #vow_of_the_disciple_day1raid will be active and the only place for discussing and posting info on the new raid until we decide to transfer necessary information into the #endgame_meta channel. 

If your team is attempting the raid this weekend, please DM me with your teammates, an optional team name, and a streaming link of anyone on your team will be broadcasting you run. We will compile it all into a handy graphic and a multi-stream so you can keep up with your clanmates on Saturday.  Please get this info to me by Friday night so I can post it Saturday

Still don't have a team but want to raid Saturday? You can still check out the raid race sheet of free agent players to try to group up or even schedule an attempt using the Charlemagne bot in #lfg_event_schedule

The Rules and Important Info sections need an update to match our channel descriptions, as well as the addition of the Ascendant Truth roster and admins. AT is over 30 members but the more the merrier! You can find them here and don the sweet Red color in Discord 

March 2nd Bungie will be hosting a livestream to wrap up Game2Give with incentives galore, from 10AM-12PM PT on the Bungie Twitch channel. You can see the list of incentives and milestones in last week’s TWAB. 

The Witch Queen release definitely feels like a special one for us. One of the most investing campaigns and time-periods in Destiny, and we are approaching a special milestone of our own. We have never been closer to 1,000 Discord members, discoverability and the pure feeling of seeing 1,000 different people who have joined and stayed in our community’s corner. Enjoy your new stuff, keep pew-pewing some Hive Guardians, and good luck to everyone tackling the raid this weekend. Cheers!