1 Week Until We Slide Into Savathun's DMs

-Welcome to the 2/14/22 edition of This Week At Truth. 1 week. Single digit days. It is finally almost here. It is the final week of Season of the Lost, and the final week to let the hype train roll before Witch Queen on the 22nd. 

-Whatever is gonna happen has to happen this week, be it cutscene, mission, etc. It is still seasonal stuff so be sure to keep it in the seasonal channel to avoid spoiling anything. To finish off this week we have Iron Banana return and bonus Crucible ranks, a GM and Nightfall in the EDZ in Lake of Shadows, and one last chance to earn a Hothead and Hung Jury this season. 

-our newest wing, The Ascendant Truth, is off to a nice growth start! We are always appreciative of those that make the move to help fill and activate rosters, the more the merrier! If you are interested in helping us build this roster up, feel free to put in your request here and update your role in the Role Assign channel in Discord

-there are a lot of things you may wish to turn in or materials to spend before Witch Queen. The following link will take you to a list of bounties and items being deprecated when Year 5 begins , but the TLDR is anything associated with the Tangled Shore, Forsaken campaign, or the last 4 seasons you can spend safely. The list of activities going away can be found here , so if you are still looking to finish some Harbinger or Presage missions, or need to complete the quest for Wish Ender or Ager’s Scepter, this is your week to do it.

-the website launch was amazing and we are so happy with the positive reception it has gotten. In a few weeks the website will also be the sole landing spot for weekly TWATs (with any discord-related things added in as needed), and it is already the weekly home for Shua’s TITS. The merch store is also getting some great feedback, and keep those suggestions coming! Keep checking www.clantruth.com for updated stuff, new pages, and more in the future! 

-This week we were treated to a stellar ViDoc, an update on Void 3.0 specifics, and a TWAB! So much information to digest. One of the bigger notes was how the Legendary campaign completion effectively puts you at soft cap, meaning more folks than ever can be Day 1 raid ready without a grind. If you are still looking for a Day 1 team, or interested in putting one together, here is the questionnaire to fill out and list of responses that anyone can view  to help get yourself organized for March 5th!

-As you prepare for Witch Queen, keep in mind that Monday night the servers will go down for a solid 14 hours before the DLC launches, so plan on getting whatever stuff done that you’ve got in mind before that.

-We’ve added a lot of new friends to our circle recently, if you are unfamiliar with the group and wondering where to begin, make sure you check out the #rules_important_info page and #role_assign in Discord, all channel descriptions, sign-ups for pingable roles can be found there. With only 1 more week left let’s get excited for the new Season!  - Cheers!