This Week At Immortals

-This Week At Truth, there's.....vampires? No? It's just the new Trials SMG that everyone is going nuts over. Hopefully, whether through a flawless run or grinding out ranks with Saint, you were able to snag a healthy roll, right on time for Iron Banana!

-After a scheduling switcheroo, Iron Banner is now up this week! Earn some ranks at Saladin and get some drops of the reprised Jorum's Claw (solar pulse rifle) and Bite of the Fox (kinetic sniper), earn/gild that Iron Lord title and slay out this week. Saladin also got the vendor update for gear and legacy focusing! Iron Banner will also rotate through 3 different modes over the 3 events this season - first up is classic Control. 

-Momentum Control is also up as the Crucible rotator. The revamped Arms Dealer is the Nightfall this week, and you can also earn bonus Vanguard ranks all week (normally an Iron Banner week would coincide with bonus Crucible ranks, but that got thrown off due to the switcheroo). Pinnacle rotators are the Vault of Glass and Shattered Throne final bosses. 

-Week 4 of the seasonal quest will also be live, be sure to keep that discussion in #lightfall-season-defiance-spoilers. As a reminder, the campaign and Root of Nightmares raids spoiler ban has been lifted. We also added a resource channel for #root-of-nightmares with layouts of the arenas and a loot table.

-A bit of personal news as well, on 4/14 I'll be appearing as a guest on The Destiny Show podcast! You can watch it live on their Twitch channel Friday night (approx. 9pm ET) or catch it on Spotify/Apple podcasts after it gets uploaded. Will be talking Destiny, Clan Truth, community and discord building, and much more! 

-That's the news for this week. Slay out and make Saladin proud