Truth Interview Thursday Spotlight - Gale

Welcome to our Clan Truth Community Spotlight! This week, we are sitting down with the man that built this incredible new website for us! Please welcome Gale!

Hey Gale, welcome to TITS. We’re all excited to have you here today. Let’s start out with an easy question. What do you do for work?

I’m a full-stack software engineer at Shopify! I write software for every facet of a web application, from bare metal to browser. (Gee, I wonder if I could maybe ask a favor of you and your web skills…)

Aside from videogames, what hobbies or pastimes do you enjoy?

I have a ton: I love my work so I like to learn new technologies, I write and play music, I have a very extensive board game collection, I like to play soccer when I can, and I used to train for powerlifting but old age has slowed that last one down. I try to get my kids involved in as many of those things as possible and I like to pick up on what they’re doing; their recent interest in basketball has caused me to start getting into it myself. Not too long ago I started building gunpla too thanks to Loki and the rest of #outside_destiny_life.

What is a skill you have that you take pride in?

Learning. There are a lot of things I don’t know, and I really enjoy picking something up and gaining as much context around it as possible. For example, I decided to learn guitar around spring of 2017 and had published a fully produced single in spring of 2019. (Link?)

Any fun facts about yourself?

Several but the one most people never expect is that I’m a brother of Sigma Pi Fraternity. (Not in a million years could I picture you in a frat.)

How long have you been playing video games and what are some of your earliest and/or favorite video game memories?

I’ve been playing video games as long as I can remember. My first game was Sonic the Hedgehog on Sega Genesis. I used to play it with my mom when I was very young. We didn’t have much money though growing up, so I skipped a few generations to the N64. I loved the Zelda games (Majora’s Mask is better than Ocarina of Time) (No the fuck it isn’t) and of course, Golden Eye. From there I have a few notables that stood out to me: Pokemon Blue, Golden Sun, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Final Fantasy X, Halo 3.

What are your favorite foods, music, movies, shows, etc.?

Foods: Yes? I’ll eat mostly anything (I get picky with pasta) but prefer things that are spicy or foreign. You get hot dogs from Chicago and pizza from New York.

Music: Everything that isn’t country-pop. My go to choices in order: Punk, Post-hardcore, metal, and rap. Favorite bands of all time in order: Billy Talent, Silverstein, and As I Lay Dying.

Movies and Shows: Things that make me think. I don’t watch much tv (prefer gaming) but some favorites are the Matrix, the Illusionist, American History X, Fight Club, and Memento. Edward Norton is the best Actor.  

Is there any special story or significance behind your gamertag?

Nope. My IRL name is Gale and that gamertag was taken so I chose officialgale. (That is super interesting, glad I asked this question)

Let’s talk a bit about Destiny and Clan Truth specifically. When did you first start playing Destiny, and can you tell us about what drew you to the game?

I was at band practice and during a break my best friend started talking about D2. He had played since D1 and Forsaken had just launched and brought him back to the game. He wouldn’t stop talking about it and for weeks at band practice he’d talk to me about it. Finally, I told him if he helped me lay some tile flooring, I’d pick it up and play. He came over one night to help but I was missing some tools but had already bought the game. I played for a while until I quit right before the Joker’s Wild season? I had joined Clan Truth so I could get help with the Whisper mission and liked the group. I was in XT originally but then Witty booted me for inactivity (rude). Dani and I came back in preparation for Beyond Light. From there I helped organize the Deep Stone Crypt day 1 LFG and found the Crisps. (The Crisps is Gale’s raid team)

What is your favorite/primary class? Why?

Titan go Punch. I mained a Warlock this season because the game really feels like “use thundertrash or suck” and that was boring. I’ll probably go back with void 2.0. (It’s 3.0…)

If you could remove any one weapon from the game, which one and why?

Shotguns because their archetype is too powerful to start with in PvP and it’s enough to make me hate PvP. Either remove starting with special bricks or remove shotguns.

If you could design an exotic weapon or armor, what would it be?

Ooooh this is tough. I really like the changes that were made to the Aeon class of exotics. I’d design more of those where you get buffs to build synergy with your fireteam. Help define “roles” like support, tank, and dps. Gain a damage buff/over shield/heavy brick every time an ally uses their class ability.

So first and foremost, for anyone that doesn’t already know, you designed and built our incredible new website ( How did you get into the field of web design? What are your favorite/least favorite things about the business?

I’ve been writing software professionally for a decade and started a decade before that writing flash games. I just love creating things. It’s a very creative outlet for logical people like me.

If you could design any board game, what would it be called, and what would be the general rules/idea of the game?

I’m a sucker for card games like Magic the Gathering and etc. I love the strategy and synergy. A long time ago I had a dream of making a card game that eliminated top decking. You built your deck and had all your cards available all the time and instead you had to play cards as resources making their effects unavailable unless you retrieved them from the resource pile. I imagined it had this effect where you had to choose the right cards to play as resources so you could be ready to react to your opponent. Turns out that is really hard to balance so I never got too far. (I would play this, can you try again?)

How are you so awesome?

A combination of privilege, humility, and empathy.

What’s your favorite kind of wind?

The kind that blows…. If you know what I’m saying. (I do indeed… check out Shua’s OnlyFans right?)

I know you’re a pretty avid traveler. What are some of your favorite places you have been to? What are the top 5 places you still want to visit?

The absolute coolest place had to be the blue mosque in Istanbul. It’s an incredible feat of engineering entrenched in a beautiful culture and history. My next hopefuls are Thailand and Japan but are totally swayed by Dani who wants to go to Egypt and Europe (I told her she has to be more specific). I’ll go anywhere though; I love experiencing other cultures and cuisines. (I was hoping you would say you wanted to come visit me)

Tell us about your band. How long have you been in the band, what kind of music do you play, do you have any albums for purchase, will you sign my boobs, etc.?

I technically quit the metal band, but I still tell people about it. That started around 2018 and we named the band “Death Heals Primeval”. You should check out the single “Blackberry Merlot” on Spotify if you like Metal, I sing clean vocals and play rhythm guitar in that band. I’m also playing bass in a cover band called Some Kinda Robot. That band plays hits from Green Day, Weezer, Blink 182, and the Foo Fighters but we’re working on something new right now that will turn everything upside down. (So was that a no on signing my boobs?)

Who do you think is the sexiest admin?

This is a loaded question. We all know it’s Shu…oblivion (ouch, my pride…)

I’ve seen you wearing super tight short jorts. How many pairs have you ripped? Tell us the story?

I don’t think I’ve ever outright ripped a pair of jorts because they were too tight. I have worn through the crotch though, gale has some thiccc thighs. (I heard it wasn’t the thighs that caused the tearage…)

You have some nuptials coming up before long! What would you like to tell us about the future Mrs. Officialgale?

Gosh, I don’t know if we have enough room for all the good things I could say about DMarie787. She understands my personality in a way no one else does. She encourages and supports me in all facets of life. Not to mention she really knows how to put up a Christmas tree. (All jokes aside, she is a pretty awesome person, and the two of you make an incredible couple that I am genuinely proud to call friends)

Christmas Tree?

In our house we have a rule, DMarie787 can decorate it in any way she wants, so long as I don’t have to do it. While the Crisps were doing the Day 1 Deep Stone Crypt Raid, Dani was decorating the Christmas tree. Turns out if you say that a woman is putting up your Christmas tree your friends will assume it’s your penis. Who knew? /shrug

If you could take a spot in any band in the world, who would you join?

I don’t know that I’d want to take any spot in any band because every musician has their own style, and I would undoubtedly change the style of whoever I joined. That said, Blink 182 because I already know how to play all their songs, it’d be easy, and they sell out arenas.

If you were handed $50,000 in cash and told it had to be used in the next 7 days to take a trip worth writing a book about, where would you go? What would you do?

I’d get on a plane straight to Thailand. Thailand has so much to do, not the least of which is eat. I could easily spend 50k traveling to the various villages eating food, renting boats, and visiting landmarks. (Two missed opportunities to say you want to visit me…

What’s your favorite number? Defend your reasoning.

19. It’s the number I had all throughout my soccer career.

What is the best girl scout cookie?

Samoas. (Damn skippy)

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself that we haven’t covered yet?

I’m already running out of steam haha I’m always happy to share more as regularly proven by the Borat picture. (See below… You’re welcome. Thank you. I’m sorry.)

Gale, thank you so much for your time! It was great learning more about you!

By the way, some of you may have been wondering why Gale's replies have been in a special minty green font. Well, we are excited to announce that a special new role, @Clan Support, to recognize the amazing work done by both @officialgale and @Dice4744 for Clan Truth. Thank you both so much!

This concludes this week’s installment of the Truth Interview Thursday Spotlight!